Joints, Points, and Blocks

Joint Injections, Trigger Point Injections, and Nerve Blocks

16.0 Contact Hours (AAPA, ANCC, AANP)
5.0 Pharmacology Hours (ANCC, AANP)

Joints, Points, and Blocks is a high-yield course that prepares you to inject 10 different joints, perform dry needling and trigger point injections, and perform 13 different nerve blocks including dental and orthopedic blocks.

Joints, Bursa, Periarticular

  • Glenohumeral
  • Knee
  • Temperomandibular
  • Subacromial
  • Olecranon
  • Trochanteric
  • Prepatellar
  • Medial Epicondyle
  • Lateral Epicondyle
  • Trigger Finger

Trigger Points

  • Dry Needling
  • Point Injections

Nerve Blocks

  • Supraorbital
  • Infraorbital
  • Greater Occipital
  • DENTAL – Anterior Superior Alveolar
  • DENTAL – Middle Superior Alveolar
  • DENTAL – Posterior Superior Alveolar
  • DENTAL – Nasopalatine
  • DENTAL – Greater Palatine
  • DENTAL – Buccal
  • DENTAL – Inferior Alveolar
  • DENTAL – Incisive
  • ORTHOPEDIC – Hematoma
  • ORTHOPEDIC – Digital
joint injections, trigger point injections, dry needling, nerve blocks, dental blocks, patton graham

Patton D. Graham, NP-C

You will learn proper arthrocentesis procedures for major joints, bursae, and periarticular problem areas.

3D Cadaver Learning

Joints, Points, and Blocks takes course participants from the external to the internal using cutting-edge 3D cadaver modeling software. Knowing what lies beneath takes the guess work out of joint injections / aspirations, increases successful arthrocentesis procedures, and benefits you and your patients with increased revenue and enhanced patient outcomes.